Who We Are

Brandon Carper

Headshot of Brandon Carper

Brandon Carper has over 10 years’ experience in training and education, having taught high school English in Pennsylvania, English conversation in Japan, and software configuration to people in between. He grew up with a Nintendo, plays Android Netrunner at Wegmans every week, and still binges on Steam sales. He’s always been fascinated by how effectively games can motivate and help people learn.

Chad Haefele

Headshot of Chad Haefele

Chad Haefele is the Interim Head of User Experience at UNC Chapel Hill Libraries, where he works to enhance library services and integrates gaming trends like VR and Alternate Reality Games into the library’s offerings.

Chad was exposed to console games at a formative age, and later proposed to his wife with a modded Ms. Pac-Man rom. Among other professional interests, he explores how usability testing and standards can help make our everyday lives (and games) better. Chad also blogs infrequently at HiddenPeanuts.com and libux.web.unc.edu.